Different shapes of cup hand

Different shapes of cup hand

Raspberry mousse with the taste of milk chocolate

200 grams of milk cream

20 grams of instant coffee (Nescafe)

2.5 sheets of gelatin

375 grams of milk chocolate

690 grams of whipping cream

Setting method:

Put the milk cream in a bowl on the fire until it boils, remove the bowl from the heat and melt the amount of Nescafe in the cream, then add the gelatin leaves previously soaked in water, add the mixture to the milk chocolate, stir well and leave it to cool. Whisk the cream well and add to the previous mixture after it has cooled completely.

Italian foam

250 grams of egg whites

125 grams of sugar

500 grams of sugar boil together until the temperature reaches 118 degrees Celsius (to prepare the syrup)

175 grams of water

Setting method:

The syrup is prepared by boiling 175 grams of water with 500 grams of sugar until the temperature is 118 degrees Celsius.

Gradually add the hot syrup to the egg whites using the electric mixer on speed 2, and continue whisking until the mixture cools and forms a thick foam.

How to assemble and serve sushi cups:

Fill empty chocolate cups with raspberry mousse, decorate with Italian foam, and support chocolate cups.

Advice !

Using Dobala chocolate cups to make delicious and distinctive cappuccino cups.

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