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Yama Trading Company is devoted to cater the need for fresh and quality raw materials that are used for producing western pastries and sweets. We provide the special raw material for puff pastry and confectionery to bakeries, pastry shops, catering, and hotels to satiate the senses. Leading bakers count on our products to build their business.

For us, our customers come first, and that is why we deliver delicious, safe, and high-quality products to them. Through constant efforts, hard work, trust, and quality, we are able to secure the top position in the food and beverage market.

About us

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Founded in 1982, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy and reliable choice for the pastry and sweets business in the local Saudi market. Each business partner who associates with us goes through a rigorous selection process. We select only the best and reject companies that do not match our criteria. We are very proud to say that we are trusted by the people of Saudi Arabia for making us a leading ingredients supplier in restaurants, the hotel industry, and restaurants.

We supply high-quality cocoa powder, cake decorating and toppings, vegetable creams, margarine, sponge blending, cake improvers, jams, chocolates, dry fruits, cake plates, and other raw materials for confectionery and bakery needs. Each day is very well planned, and we ensure that there are zero chances of compromise on product quality. We maintained our 5 warehouses systematically by regularly inspecting stock, hygiene, and of course, computerizing the entire system for flawless process.

40 years and Counting

Delivering unparalleled quality ingredients for the last 40 years. We aim to set standards in the industry by partnering with innovative products and contributing our best to the food industry.




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